Dishcloth Holder Steel with Dishcloth

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Get the Magnetic Dishcloth Holder Steel together with an environmentally friendly dishcloth specially made for our dishcloth holder.

With Dishcloth Holder Steel, your dishcloth gets a fixed discreet place in the sink, where it is out of sight, but always ready for use. The cloth gets air, dries faster and prevents the formation of bacteria.

This version of the dishcloth holder integrates seamlessly steel sinks.

The set contains:

1 Magnetic Dishcloth Holder Steel
1 Organic Dishcloth

Magnetic Dishcloth Holder Steel are placed in your sink, with the included counter magnets. Here, your dishcloth can dry quickly and discreetly, thus minimizing the bacterial formation.

Your sink type

If you have a sink of composite material such as granite or Corian, you need extra strong counter magnets. They need to be buy exstra right here -  selecting "special sink" under kitchen sink type.

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Organic Dishcloth

The dishcloths are made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, and are is super absorbent. They can suck the equivalent of up to 17 pieces of kitchen roll. To maintain good kitchen hygiene, we recommend that you rinse your dishcloth in cold water after use and hang it to dry on your Dishcloth Holder. The dishcloths are specially made in a size that fits our magnetic dishcloth holders.
The cloths can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine or in the cutlery drawer in your dishwasher.

More Information
FunctionFor Sink
Sink TypeSteel Sink
Size23 cm
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