Magnetic Shampoo Holder

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The Magnetic Shampoo Holder allows you to hang your shampoo and conditioner in your shower or by the bathtub without drilling any holes in your walls or tiles. 

How to use the Magnetic Shampoo Holder 

The Shampoo Holder is made of a soft silicone strap and a strong magnet. You wrap the strap around your shampoo bottle and place a metal plate on the wall. The metal plate is magnetic and has a strong adhesive and is not affected by water. Just make sure that the surface is clean and dry before placing the metal plate. Once you have placed the metal plate you can easily click your bottle on and off the wall. 

The shampoo holder can carry up to 250 ml, which is the weight of most shampoo bottles. If you would like to use it for a larger shampoo bottle, you can use 2 shampoo holders on the same bottle. Combined they will be able to hold a bottle of 500 ml. 

No limestone stains 

You do not have to worry about lime stains, as the bottle will hang freely with enough distance from the wall for any limestone to settle around your shampoo holder. 

No shampoo wasted 

As a bonus you can easily turn your shampoo upside down with a snap when the bottle is about to be empty. You'll get every drop out of your shampoo bottle. 

Product Content: 

2 Shampoo Holders 

2 Black Adhesive Wall Magnets 

The wall magnet can be removed by separating it with a strong thread. 

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FunctionFor Wall
SizeL: 23 cm
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